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  1. The InStr Function returns the first occurrence of one string within another string. The search happens from the left to the right. Syntax InStr([start,]string1,string2[,compare]) Parameter Description. Start − An optional parameter. Specifies the starting position for the search. The search begins at the first position from the left to the.
  2. The Microsoft Excel INSTR function returns the position of the first occurrence of a substring in a string. The INSTR function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a String/Text Function. It can be used as a VBA function (VBA) in Excel.
  3. Apr 15,  · If the start position is 0, INSTR searches from the first character in the string. If the start position is a positive number, INSTR locates the start position by counting from the beginning of the string. If the start position is a negative number, INSTR locates the .
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  5. INSTR functions. The INSTR functions (INSTR, INSTRB, INSTRC, INSTR2, and INSTR4) searches a string for a substring using characters and returns the position in the string that is the first character of a specified occurrence of the substring.
  6. INSTR. Syntax. Description of the illustration perhanasotinglecdazzmirochelsstomba.coinfo Purpose. The INSTR functions search string for perhanasotinglecdazzmirochelsstomba.coinfo function returns an integer indicating the position of the character in string that is the first character of this occurrence. INSTR calculates strings using characters as defined by the input character perhanasotinglecdazzmirochelsstomba.coinfo uses bytes instead of characters.
  7. VB6 statements and constants in this article: InStr, InStrB, InStrRev, Option Compare, vbBinaryCompare, vbTextCompare. InStr syntax. InStr returns the first occurrence of a string inside another string.. InStr([start,] string1, string2 [, compare])start Optional. Character position where the search starts. If omitted, the search starts at the start of string1, position 1.
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  9. The INSTR() function returns the position of the first occurrence of a string in another string. This function performs a case-insensitive search. Syntax. INSTR(string1, string2) Parameter Values. Parameter Description; string1: Required. The string that will be searched: string2.

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